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Hello and thanks for finding us.  You'll be happy you did...

further GENETICS lab started in 2014, serving southeast Michigan MMMP caregivers.  We only offer Top-Shelf clones.  All clones are well-rooted, with healthy white roots.  Clones are available in rockwool, ready for hydro or soil transplanting.

All plants and environment are sprayed once per month with Monterey Garden Organic Insect Spray.  No bugs, no disease.  Guaranteed. 


FIRST:  Place an order online, with $0 taken in payment.  Check out our Strains and Compare pages for additional growing info.   (Or call us at 734-489-4682 if you would prefer).

NEXT: One of our knowledgeable caregivers will contact you to arrange a meetup/delivery. 

All donations must be made by MMMP CARDHOLDERS.  Valid MMMP card & MI state ID must be present at time of meetup.

12 clone per MMMP card limit.  No exceptions. 

6 Plant minimum per order.

Please contact us at 734-489-4682 / furthergenetics@gmail.com with any questions.

DELIVERY AREA:  WASHTENAW COUNTY: No delivery charge.  All other counties, delivery to be negotiated.